Opposite the Mountain

Dorsa is a visual artist based in Iran, and was born in 1990 .She did a bachelor degree in Biology but ever since she has known herself she had a talent for art.
She learnt art through herself experience as well as self study and participating in some local yet leading courses and workshops. Her works are mainly based on ideas and concepts by which she chooses forms and materials. Video has always been a prominent part of her works. Dorsa belives by the means of video and mix media in general we are capable of conveying the culture of contemporary life through motion. Her ideas stem from the heart of every day life as she belives the routines have a lot to say and point at more important and complex issues. Social issues have always been of great importance to her and by questioning , researching and personal experience she has always looked for an answer. Therefore Dorsa considers herself a magnifire whose function is revealing the hidden messages that have been unseen and shine a light on them.