2018 Interior Design, Diploma. Tehran, Iran

2008-2012 BSC/BIOLOGY, Azad University North Branch, Tehran, Iran

Attended Trainings

2017-Current Pooya Aryanpour’s Privet Studio

Painting Studio Course

Drawing Studio Course

New Media Studio Course

2020 New Media Society

2020 Fundamentals of Photography Course

2019-2020 Aria Gallery-Art Classes

Higher Education Course at Art History

2019 Artist Book Workshop

2017-2019 Mahe-Mehr Cultural & Art Institute

Contemporary Art History Course

2018 Mahe-Mehr Cultural& Art Institute

Art in 21 Century Course

2018 Interior Design Courses and Building Project 2018

Solo Exhibition

2020 Past Continuous, Vali Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibition

2022 Gift,Schaumbad -Freies Atelierhahus,Graz,Austria

2021 Bon-gah Art Book Fair,Ava Platt,Tehran,Iran

2021 Industrial Heritage, Dayhim Innovattion Factory, Ghiamdasht,Iran

2021 Knot, MIM Gallery,Los Angeles,USA

2021 Withered years, Vali Gallery,Tehran,Iran

2019 Before, ln-Between, After, V Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 Teer Art Fair, Vali Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2018 2018

2018 Common Surface, Vali Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 Border, Mahe-Mehr Gallery. Tehran, Iran

Public Art

2020 Have a video display in “15-second Museum”at Neo shibuya TV,



2021 Winner of the “Industrial Heritage” festival award for the best

presented work on video and installation.

projects, held in Dayhim Innovattion Factory