2018 Interior Design, Diploma. Tehran, Iran

2008-2012 BSC/BIOLOGY, Azad University North Branch, Tehran, Iran

Attended Trainings

2017-Current Pooya Aryanpour’s Privet Studio

Painting Studio Course

Drawing Studio Course

New Media Studio Course

2020 New Media Society

2020 Fundamentals of Photography Course

2019-2020 Aria Gallery-Art Classes

Higher Education Course at Art History

2019 Artist Book Workshop

2017-2019 Mahe-Mehr Cultural & Art Institute

Contemporary Art History Course

2018 Mahe-Mehr Cultural& Art Institute

Art in 21 Century Course

2018 Interior Design Courses and Building Project 2018

Solo Exhibition

2022 It Comes Our Way, Dastan’s Basement, Tehran, Iran

2020 Past Continuous, Vali Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibition

2022 Gift,Schaumbad -Freies Atelierhahus,Graz,Austria

2021 Bon-gah Art Book Fair,Ava Platt,Tehran,Iran

2021 Industrial Heritage, Dayhim Innovattion Factory, Ghiamdasht,Iran

2021 Knot, MIM Gallery,Los Angeles,USA

2021 Withered years, Vali Gallery,Tehran,Iran

2019 Before, ln-Between, After, V Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 Teer Art Fair, Vali Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2018 2018

2018 Common Surface, Vali Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 Border, Mahe-Mehr Gallery. Tehran, Iran

Public Art

2020 Have a video display in “15-second Museum”at Neo shibuya TV,



2021 Winner of the “Industrial Heritage” festival award for the best

presented work on video and installation.

projects, held in Dayhim Innovattion Factory