Residential building plan.
Mine and other motion at home.

From 14Feb to 2July.



The relationship between human beings and their surroundings matters to me. This work refers to quarantine days and indicates the idea that our behavioral patterns are series of consistent habits which we keep repeating unknowingly.












Events and Occurrences / Photo Print on Paper / 2020 / each print 15 x 8 cm Detail

Events and Occurrences 


The main purpose of this work is showing the relationship between history and our lives as well as the reflection social incident on each individual.

This work illustrates 180 days of my life summarized in a kitchen sink and the message behind choosing this frame was pointing at the fact that a kitchen sink despite being a solid frame can represent the cycle of life as it gets filled , emptied daily and also shine a light on what remains at the end of the day and the impacts it has on individuals.

Events and Occurrences / Photo Print on Paper / 2020 / 120 x 310 cm Installation View

Rock, Paper, Scissors/ Video Installation / 2020 / 4:50” Looping

“Rock, Paper, Scissors”
They lost the game while were chasing the results with rucks.
We are witnessing a game in which hands symbolize power, freedom and suppression. The setting is in such a way that makes the audience puzzled towards the outcome.













Negative / Video Installation / 2020 / 12:55” Looping
collaborative project ,Dorsa Basij ,Amin Abasi ,Sara Salek Danial Barzegar

We focused on the importance of freewill and its effects on the life of human beings. Based on the above, we designed a structure consisting of five separate rooms, each demonstrating an incomplete detail of a complete narrative. The viewer will judge the narrative based on his own choice.

Collaborative project












Never Ending Action / Video / 2018 / 2:55

Never ending actions, it is about the border between vain action and efficient ones.
Our ordinary actions that we do daily, the ones that we feel obliged to repeat because we are afraid to loose their associated correspondents. My inquiry is about how far we can take it and when is the best time to leave it?












I recede so that its concealed aspects reveal a fantasy of the world to me